Operational Excellence and Strategy - intersection to convergence

Operational Excellence and strategy must converge to achieve great results. Learn practical tips on achieving equilibrium, wherein operational excellence initiatives deliver measurable results and contribute to the attainment of organizational strategic goals. 

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Organizational Performance Management - OPM

Does your organization implement an effective OPM system? Is there an effective governance structure in place? 

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Diverse industry verticals, club-style benchmarking

Does your organization benchmark its processes?

Are you interested in breakthrough performance improvement?

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Executive Strategy Manager Web-based Application

Is your organization implementing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)?

Read what Dr. Norton and Kaplan of Harvard University USA have to say about automating the BSC.

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Technology and best practice - chicken and egg scenario

I love technology. It can make life so simple. Specially in this day and age when all tech vendors are claiming

to be the champions of "best practices".  But is that really the case? 

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Are Women Better Change Managers?

In a recent video, Dr. David Norton alluded to the fact that strategic thinking relies on the left side of the brain,

whereas, change management taps on the right side. 

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Internal Service Level Agreements

Internal SLAs are very complex. I can recall my first experience in developing an internal SLA

between HR and rest of the company. This was in a banking environment.

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Are Strategy Execution professionals defacto change managers?
In my experience change management is an integral part of effective strategy execution. Without leadership sponsorship.

change agenda, momentum and structured communication, the best strategies fail.
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Executive Strategy without Process & Risk alignment
Many organizations design sexy strategy maps and get all excited without ensuring that their processes are aligned to the strategy.

Process and risk alignment to the strategy is critical.

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Does your company benchmark?

All companies benchmark, whether formally or informally. Formal benchmarking is typically driven by compliance

and/or regulatory regimes. For instance, banks report on financial data at prescribed intervals to the regulator OFSI;

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When comparing metrics, is it important to ensure process alignment?

Comparing metrics can not necessarily lead organizations towards improvement. Exceptions are when the associated processes are identical.

But how often does this happen?

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Why engage a consultant?

Consulting is big business. Like many, I too am a consultant who worries about shortening the selling-cycle

and increasing the hit-rate. So how can we do it?

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